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Angel in the House MusicAngel in the House MusicAngel in the House Music


Tony Guerrero, Recording Artist & Producer

“When someone is singing about their faith you can't help but wonder if they really believe and live what they're singing. Having known Angel and watched her walk through many seasons in life over the last ten years, I can tell you from experience - she's the real deal. A true and genuine "Christian Artist" in every sense. Her life's journey and her tenured walk with the Lord are palpable in every lyric and vocal nuance. And, to top it off, this album simply rocks! Great songwriting, great production and great performances - all anchored by the power in Angel's voice and the depth of her message.”

Keith Everette Smith, Producer, Songwriter (Toby Mac, Anthem Lights, Meredith Andrews, Jadon Lavik)

"It was a pleasure working with the gifted Angel Smythe. Her passion for people-centered ministry is apparent in her songwriting and expressed passionately in her singing. It is so refreshing to meet someone equally as committed to reaching people for Christ as she is to perfecting her craft. I can't say enough great things about Angel!”

Skip Heitzig, Founding and Senior Pastor, Calvary of Albuquerque

"I've had the opportunity to hear Angel in different venues and applications ... 

Her voice fills the room and her passion fills people's hearts. Always a servant to fit the needs of the moment, Angel confidently and boldly proclaims God's praise and reminds us of His promises. What's more she's real! She doesn't perform; she communicates to the audience and worships her Lord. Her life is a godly one and her ministry is powerful. I'm always happy when I know Angel is going to sing."


Holland Davis, Senior Pastor, Worship Life Calvary Chapel

“Angel Smythe is a gifted singer, worship leader and songwriter. Her transparent message of God's love gives hope and inspiration. My wife Roxie and I have had the privilege of having Angel share at Worship Life Calvary Chapel, and our congregation is always encouraged by her ministry.”

Monty Kelso : partner : Slingshot Music Group

“Angel is one of Orange County’s standout talents. Her deep faith in Christ, love for The Church, and love for people has provided her remarkable opportunities for ministry. She ‘got it’ when it comes to knowing how to connect with an audience through her music or words of challenge and encouragement.” 

Jadon Lavik, Singer/Songwriter/Worship Leader

“Angel Smythe is an outstanding talent with a heart for genuine ministry.  Her abilities as a songwriter and musician are reason enough for any church to host her ministry, but her heart and sensitivity for people is why Angel is a must-have guest artist or worship leader.”

Pastor Dave Hopkins, Shoreline Community Church

"Angel is a truly gifted worshiper of the Living God. I love worshiping with her or being led by her! She is a woman of strong godly integrity and character, and I always look forward to serving along such a God gifted, Spirit filled sister! Her music raises the soul in true praise. What a true blessing and dear friend she is! My highest of recommendations! 

John Baker, Founding Pastor of Celebrate Recovery, Life’s Healing Choices

“Angel Smythe is a true servant-hearted singer and musician. Her songs and her presence have blessed our ministry of Celebrate Recovery for many years. Her lyrics truly touch the hearts of those who are hurting, broken, and need to hear the truth of God’s love, grace, and redemptive power. It is with great pleasure we have frequently invited Angel to do special music for our weekly program and our annual Celebrate Recovery Summit every year, where her songs bless over 3,000 pastors and ministry leaders from around the world.”

Al Bowman, Founder / Executive Producer, Los Angeles Music Awards

"One of the best rock albums ever recorded that carries the message of Christ's love and grace. A magnificent work that will connect with any listener..."With 350,000 music artists in southern California, Angel Smythe stands out as one of the best. Her performances as part of the 21st Annual Los Angeles Music Awards Showcase Series and main event were truly memorable. She rocks."

Susanna Griffie, Executive Producer, Los Angeles Music Awards

"In 2011, Angel Smythe was the single most remarkable artist I worked with. 

Her spiritual approach to handling her live shows makes her a gem to showcase. 

She is probably the best recipient we have ever had as a part of our 

multiple awards programs."

Kay Warren, Say Yes to God

“It is a pleasure to recommend Angel’s new album, ‘A Stronger Me.’ A true servant serves, and Angel has faithfully and joyfully served Jesus at Saddleback for 10 years, lending her beautiful voice to our choirs, vocal worship ensembles and solos. Her passionate commitment to follow God no matter what comes through loud and clear in her lyrics; she has walked down some painful roads and yet she remains determined to be HIS woman all her days.”

Pastor Rick Warren, Saddleback Church, The Purpose Driven Life

"Angel lives up to her name. She has the voice, and heart, of an angel. There have been so many times when I've wanted to really communicate a life-changing truth to a group I was speaking to, so I'd ask Angel to sing about it, and the message would come through her singing clearly and passionately."